Thank you for supporting thought-provoking South Asian film, storytelling, art, and literature in the Pacific Northwest. Our gratitude to all who have generously given their time, and talent in enabling Tasveer to pursue its mission.

Your Donation at work:

Your donation allows us to develop and execute programs that has become a vital part of our community. Your generous contributions allow us to create important dialogues and discussions which helps raise awareness and dispel stereotypes of underrepresented and marginalized communities. Donations also go towards generating paid jobs in our various departments (development, marketing, programming, etc) and allow us to rent venues, pay technicians (eg: lighting, sound, camera etc) and subsidize tickets to keep our festivals and events accessible to all. In addition, we allocate funds to provide vital training and support for Yoni Ki Baat (YKB) participants through their 4 months long workshop.

Tasveer's festivals and events aim to impact as many community members as possible. The YKB process empowers participants through training via a rigorous writing workshop while the audience witnesses social justice in action through their performance. At every festival and event we encourage interaction between audience members and artists to ensure we are building awareness of issues that are very close to heart for our communities. Staying true to our mission, we work tirelessly to dispel stereotypes and ensure that Tasveer is an empowering platform for all.

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