The Tasveer Film Fund (TFF) 2022, in its 3rd year, aims to empower South Asian filmmakers to bring their scripts to life with monetary grants, as well as year-long support with resources and mentorship access. It is funded by Tasveer and has partial support from Netflix.

New in 2022, Tasveer is presenting a feature film development fund ($15,000), open to South Asian filmmakers from all over the world.

A live pitching session will be organized to determine the award winners in each category. The top 3 projects will be shortlisted from each category to pitch their short film, LGBTQ+ films, or their documentary treatment.

Tasveer Film Fund 2022 Awardees

TFF 2022 HOMES by Hena Ashraf
HOMES by Hena Ashraf ($15K)

A woman with severe OCD is forced to examine why a sense of “home” is beyond her control.

TFF 2022 CHIRAGU WING by Neelu Bhuman
CHIRAGU (WING) by Neelu Bhuman ($15K)

Young Muslim transman Adam Harry dreams of becoming a Commercial Pilot, armed with a scholarship, a growing fanbase and media presence. Will this be enough to help Adam defy bureaucratic discrimination and continue his training to become first transgender Commercial Pilot of Indian origin?

TFF 2022 Shams by Saif Jan
Shams by Saif Jan ($10K)

When, Mustafa, the Imam of a mosque in rural Florida learns that a young trans man has been praying in the men’s section of the mosque, the Imam faces a moral and ethical crisis of faith as he decides if his loyalty is to uphold the established values of his mosque or to protect this trans man’s safety and spiritual belonging.

TFF 2022 BILLO RANI by Maryam Mir
BILLO RANI by Maryam Mir ($10K)

When Hafsa, a sparkly and impulsive 12-year-old girl, is made aware of her unibrow at Islamic Sunday School in a lesson on “cleanliness”, her chatty and aunty-like eyebrows come to life and begin to speak to her.

Tasveer Film Fund 2021 Awardees

LET’S TALK ABOUT IT by Mukesh Kumar
ZINDAGI DOBARA by Amritpal Kaur
CITIZEN KHAN by San-a Malik & Kha-ula Malik
Tasveer Film Fund 2021 Dos Bros Force
Dos Bros Force By Kalyan Sura

Tasveer Film Fund 2020 Awardee

Film Fund Grant Winners 1

General Submission Requirements

  • Script submitted must not exceed 20 pages in length for Short Film or the first 30 pages for Feature Film, and must be written in standard script format.
  • For the documentary, attach a documentary proposal in a pdf format. Include a trailer and/or example clip (required)
  • For short films, we fund projects from the pre-production stage
  • For the documentary category we fund projects in the post-production stage
  • Scripts must be submitted in English, even if they might be shot in another language.
  • Filmmakers submitting to Short Narrative, LGBTQIA+ Short, and Documentary must be based in the U.S. and with a U.S. bank account in order to receive funds.
  • Filmmakers submitting to the Feature Narrative track can be based in any country
  • Filmmakers must be of South Asian descent.
  • Preference will be given to scripts with a social justice theme and based on the South Asian diaspora experience.
  • The script/story cannot be discriminatory against people of any background, ethnicity, religion, race, sexuality, or gender.
  • Filmmakers must include an estimated top-sheet production budget and indicate what the funds will be used for.
  • Submission fees are non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the submission.
  • Scripts submitted in previous years will not be eligible for resubmission in 2022
  • Filmmakers must have at least one film under their belt.
  • The completed film must include an “In association with Tasveer” in the opening credits, along with the Tasveer logo. Special Thanks to some key members and mentors for the acknowledgment in the closing credits. Names will be provided by Tasveer.
  • The grantee consents to Tasveer using their name, photo, script title, and any other relevant information for promotional purposes on their website and other publicity platforms.
  • The Film Fund money must only be used towards the production budget of the short film, and cannot be re-assigned for any other purpose.
  • Upon completion of production, the filmmaker must submit a cost report of how the funds were used.
  • If the filmmaker has not used the funds or is unable to complete their film by the agreed-upon deadline, they agree to return the grant fund in its entirety to Tasveer. Consideration may be given to schedules affected due to Covid-19.
  • In the case of the grantee defaulting on using the funds, Tasveer reserves the right to reassign the funds to the second choice filmmaker.


  • YES IF applying for Narrative Short, Narrative Short LGBTQIA+, or Documentary categories. Only filmmakers of South Asian heritage living in the US and with a US bank account are eligible to receive grant awards in these categories
  • NO IF applying for Feature Narrative category. This category is open to applicants world-wide

Yes, individuals from or with heritage in the following countries are eligible to apply

  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Bhutan
  • India
  • Maldives
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Tibet
  • Sri Lanka
  • For Short Film and LGBTQ+ Short: 5-20 pages
  • For Documentary: documentary proposal for either a short subject or feature length film in post-production
  • For Feature Narrative: the first 30 pages of your script (a full script will be requested if you are selected to move onto the final round of pitch sessions)

Early Bird – Aug 25, 2022

Submission Deadline – Sept 15, 2022

Yes! Tasveer will offer the following resources to grantees:

  • Mentorship – 25 hours of Tasveer staff time, dedicated to helping you bring your project to life
  • Connections in the film industry (with actors, other funders, equipment sources, when applicable and available)
  • Distribution advice
  • Premiere for their film in our 2023 film festival

Tasveer is unable to provide funding beyond the listed award amounts. However, we are happy to provide advice and resources for seeking additional funding sources during scheduled mentoring sessions

Films should be finished by Sept 2023, and screen at Tasveer South Asian Film Festival in October 2023. Exceptions are available on a case-by-case basis.

Please use this general timeline to plan:

  • Awards made: November 2022
  • Pre-production and mentoring: Nov 2022 – Feb 2023
  • Production: Mar – Jun 2023
  • Post-production and distribution: July – Sept 2023
  • Premiere at Tasveer South Asian Film Festival: October 2023

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