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-Submissions are now OPEN for 11th Seattle South Asian Film Festival, Oct 13th-24th.
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Have you submitted your film yet to the largest South Asian Film Festival of the USA- 11th Annual Seattle South Asian Film Festival, Oct 14th-23rd, 2016. We are celebrating Bangladesh this year. All Bangladeshi films will be submitted for free. Share it Away! Submit here

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Make a donation to Tasveer to keep the South Asian voice strong in the Pacific Northwest; by engaging the community through our thought-provoking events via films, art, storytelling. Tasveer is a non-profit-organization that runs on your donations, sponsorships, & grants.





img-isaff The Seattle South Asian Film Festival (SSAFF) is Tasveer’s most extensive production. It is a 12-day extravaganza that takes place every October. The first SSAFF took place in 2004. SSAFF creates a lively, stimulating, and focused environment for conversation, education, and exploration of issues that face South Asia and its Diaspora. Through a series of film screenings, panel discussions, workshops, and cultural programming, our goal is to involve audiences not just with the film and video works presented, but to create a prolonged space where the social, political, personal, and international issues that form the core subjects of those works can be discussed and understood.


img-aainaAaina, which in Hindi/Urdu means mirror, celebrates and focuses on the artistic work of and about South Asian women. Tasveer launched Aaina in March 2006. Aaina includes film, visual and performance art, speakers, and conversations aimed at highlighting issues relevant to South Asian women. The spotlight event of Aaina is Yoni Ki Baat, which is directed by a local South Asian women. 





Farah Nousheen and Rita Meher founded Tasveer in March 2002 in Seattle, Washington. The idea of Tasveer was born right after 9/11. They were both passionate about telling the stories of South Asians, dispelling the stereotypes of South Asians in the mainstream media. There was a need for a platform that provided a non-judgmental space for South Asian voices to be heard. They executed these ideas by hosting small screenings throughout Seattle, by showing independent films, documentaries, shorts and creating community forums.  Tasveer’s first screening was held at The Elliott Bay Book Company during Pride Month, 2002. Tasveer was incorporated as a non profit organization in March 2004 and is fully federally recognized 501c3 organization. Tasveer means picture in Hindi/Urdu.

Rita Meher still continues to be involved with Tasveer as the Executive Director. Farah Nousheen lives in Albuquerque, NM.

Staff: Tasveer Executive Director: Rita Meher. Email: rita@tasveer.org



To curate thought-provoking artistic work of South Asians through films, forums, visual art, and performances that engage and empower the community at large

To primarily bring meaningful films, but also visual, literary, performance and other art forms from South Asia and its Diaspora to Pacific Northwest




  • To increase awareness of all SA countries and cultures- Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka
  • To provide platform to South Asians, filmmakers and artists
  • To initiate dialog that bridges communities
  • Provide an alternative to corporate media
  • Employ Independent SA film as a vehicle to give voice to marginalized communities

South Asia:  Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka  

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Throughout the year, we design diverse, thought-provoking and powerful events partnering with organizations, filmmakers, performers, visual artists, journalists, professors, and activists.

Our main events are

  • Seattle South Asian Film Festival
  • Aaina: South Asian Women’s Focus
  • South Asian International Documentary Festival

More information on current and past events on the Events page.



Tasveer was founded by Farah Nousheen and Rita Meher. Numerous volunteers help out with specific screenings and tasks. Tasveer is in constant need of volunteers, click here for information about exciting volunteering opportunities!.

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