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Farah Nousheen and Rita Meher - Co-founders of Tasveer

In 2001, in the aftermath of the 9/11 attack, the South Asian community felt the weight of fear, racism, hate and crimes that rose against them. Troubled by the stereotyped and highly prejudicial images of South Asians depicted in the mainstream media at that time, Farah Nousheen and Rita Meher founded Tasveer (means picture in Hindi & Urdu) in March 2002 in Seattle to give a glimpse into the lives of South Asians through film, art and storytelling.

Tasveer’s first screening was held at The Elliot Bay Book Company during Pride Month 2002, and since then, Tasveer has become an arts and culture fixture in the Greater Seattle area. Now, as was the case in Tasveer’s early days, the South Asian community still underrepresented and faces acts of racist micro-aggression. With the view to responding to the needs of a burgeoning South Asian community, Tasveer has grown to be one of the biggest platforms, providing a voice for the South Asian community and inspiring social change in the larger Seattle community.

We work tirelessly to provide new and fresh platforms to bring our community together. Our programs continue to incorporate visual and narrative arts to highlight issues and dilemmas faced by the South Asian community. Our programs include: Tasveer South Asian Film Festival, Aaina and Yoni ki Baat, Tasveer South Asian LitFest, and more.

Tasveer was incorporated as Washington state non-profit in March 2004 and became a federally recognized 501c3 organization in April 19, 2013. Rita Meher managing Tasveer since 2007 and continues to be Tasveer’s Executive Director . Farah Nousheen now lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with her son.