Rita Meher, Co-Founder & Executive Director

Rita Meher has been with Tasveer since its inception in March 2002. She was born and brought up in India, and lived in Japan for 4 years. She is fluent in Hindi, Odiya, and Japanese. Before diving full-time into Tasveer in 2012, she was a video producer and editor. She produced award-winning public television shows and made her career debut in TV in Japan in 1995. She edited the award-winning Bangladeshi documentary Threads and made her first short film, Citizenship101, based on her own immigrant experience. Rita has been honored with - Seattle Globalist of the Year in 2015, Rising Star in 2015 and Community Voice in 2016 by Northwest Asian Weekly, Excellence in Arts by International Examiner in 2016. Under her guidance, Tasveer was nominated for Seattle Mayor’s Award for Excellence in Arts in 2017. Her passion is to bring to light the stories of South Asian Diaspora.


Khenrab Palden, Development Manager

Khenrab started his journey with Tasveer in August 2016 as a Sponsorship Coordinator. In 2015, Khenrab started the 1st Himalayan International Film Festival in Seattle with support from the Tibetan community and Seattle Center. He was born in India, in a small Tibetan refugee settlement. Palden graduated from Hampshire College in 2009 with an undergraduate’s degree in Film Studies and Anthropology. Khenrab’s most recent short film, Lucy and Tenzin, 2018, was screened at the Seattle Children Film Festival. Although work is important for Khenrab, creating a community around his work is his passion.  


Siddhi Ghai, Project Coordinator (Volunteer)

Siddhi moved to Seattle with her husband in 2015. A teacher by profession, she loves everything Desi from food to dance to Bollywood. Her passion is to help people and bring some sort of peace and comfort to those who are hurting. Siddhi is a huge Potterhead and is a proud 3-time winner one of the hardest Harry Potter Trivia in Seattle. After deciding to settle in Seattle, she started volunteering with Tasveer in early 2018 and joined Tasveer as an intern in August 2018.


Kiran gurajala, Director of TEchnology

Kiran hopped an ocean from India when he was 7 and besides a quick stint in Taiwan, He has lived in Seattle ever since. A data scientist by profession, Kiran is passionate about applying technology in a meaningful way to promote empathy and excitement. When not tinkering or storytelling, He spends his time outdoors being dragged along by one very large dog (60 pounds) and one very small dog (3 pounds) smelling the flowers all the way.


Ketki Asher, TSAFF Programming Coordinator (VOLUNTEER)

Ketki is an alumnus of the prestigious Film and Television Institute of India (FTII, Pune) where she pursued her passion for films after completing her graduation in mass communication from Mumbai University. She has worked in the Indian film and television industry on various projects before moving to Seattle. She believes that everyone has a story to tell and her love and interest in films best explains her association with Tasveer.