Northwest Film Forum, October 5th, Saturday, 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Short Film: All That Perishes at the Edge of Land


A ship berthed at Gadani and the shipbreakers coming from all over Pakistan to break it discover that they might have more in common than otherwise imagined when they enter into a conversation.


Hira Nabi | 30min | 2019 | Pakistan

Filmmaker: Hira Nabi

Hira Nabi is a filmmaker and a multimedia artist. Her practice moves across research and visual production interrogating the relationship between memory and histories, witnessing and testimonies through image and narrative. She lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan.

Film: Dunkey Following European Dreams


Syed Muhammad Hassan Zaidi | 40min | 2019 | Pakistan

My film is an awareness-based documentary about financially struggling immigrants from Pakistan that cross through Iran and Turkey to enter the EU. My aim was to expose the actual scenario and the life-threatening risks they experience while trying to enter the EU, and I want to reveal the real hazards people face while trying to cross borders illegally. I also shed light upon the many issues they face, seeing to discourage them from attempting these life-threatening perils, as there are hundreds of people who died in the process of crossing these borders.


Short Film: Forbidden


Vibha Gulati | 20min | 2018 | United States

Forbidden is an award-winning short dramatic thriller that follows a Sikh woman named Jasleen, who is running away with her Muslim lover, Fahwaz.

Jasleen’s culture and religion conscious family wants her to marry within the Sikh community, and are shocked when she suddenly disappears. After Jasleen and Fahwaz elope, they think they have found happiness—but Jasleen’s family tracks the couple down and commit horrific acts in defence of their family honour.