Seattle Asian Art Museum, Seattle – Saturday, April 21st – 2:00 PM

Community Speaks

Do you or someone you know have a story about abuse you/they would like to share with the community? If so, please join hands with us in speaking up about and standing up against abuse.

Abuse leaves deep impressions on all who are exposed to it – both victims and perpetrators. Its effects can take a life time to work through. Abuse can be physical, emotional, psychological, mental, sexual, interpersonal, familial, generational, political, and institutional. It can happen at any age, in every socio-economic group, across all genders, in every environment that human beings are part of.

It is never too late to start the work of healing. One of the most powerful steps we can take towards that is to share our stories and allow others to bear witness to our life experiences.

We invite South Asians of all backgrounds (cultural, class, religious, political, regional, linguistic, gender, sexual, age, socio-economic) to share their stories in any form that feels most comfortable to them. Spoken word, Written Word, Visual Art, Performing Arts, Sign Language, or any other form of expression are welcome. We are glad to accommodate people who would like to present their story but wish to remain anonymous.

Please contact Bipasha Mukherjee ( and Meenakshi Rishi ( if you wish to participate. We will do our best to facilitate your participation in this forum and help you with your presentation to the degree you want. Please encourage your friends and family to participate and stand up to abuse now. Presentations should be between 3-7 minutes in length.