Thompson Hall 317, University of Washington, Seattle – Tuesday, October 18th – 6:30 PM

Cry Out Loud, Ethiraj Gabriel Dattatreyan, 2016, English / Hindi, 66 min

Cry Out Loud.jpg

Cry Out Loud is a collaboratively produced feature length film that explores the challenges that African nationals face as they make their lives in Khirki Extension, Delhi, India. The film, a project conceived by anthropologist Ethiraj Gabriel Dattatreyan, puts cameras in the hands of a crew of young men from Somalia who live in Khirki Extension. Together, Dattatreyan and the crew narrate the stories of everyday life of Cameroonian, Nigerian, Ugandan, Ivorian and Somali students, entrepreneurs, and refugees that put into perspective the violent eruptions that occur during filming that targets Africans as undesirable outsiders and that have since catapulted Khirki Extension and Delhi into the media spotlight.