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Dopehri, Manava Naik, 2012, Hindi, 55 min


Dopehri is the story of 3 protagonists Dorai, Revathy and Amma.

Dorai is a young 13 years old boy who enjoys girls company, loves to do girly jobs and eventually realizes his want to be a woman. He decides to fulfill his want and go to Mumbai to achieve his dream of having a woman’s life.

Revathy is a transvestite who has just had a sex operation (from man to woman). Thereafter it is her journey through pain. Her sexual urge often trigged several decisions of hers. She earned money through begging and prostitution. Revathy’s relationship with her Guru ma, Gharwali, her abuse by customers, ill treatment by police and rejection from family is depicted in the film as her journey.

Amma is a 40 year old woman living in Bangalore. She is in a relationship with a young boy. However the boy disassociates with Amma when he realizes she is a Hijra. Thereafter Amma who works in a NGO marries her colleague. Eventually her marriage breaks but Amma tries to create her identity in the society. She gets her name registered on the ration card, fights for her rights as the heir and finally achieves her goal. She realizes that being a woman is not in her appearance, sexuality, marital status etc. but in believing and feeling womanhood within.

Dorai, Revathy and Amma are not 3 different people but 3 stages of 1 persons life is revealed towards the end of the film.

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director bio



  • Best Emerging Director – Manava Naik at Kashish International Film Festival 2013

  • Won Special Jury Award at 5th Nashik International Film Festival 2012 

  • Won Best Short Film Director Award at Sangli International Film Festival 

  • Official Selection for 11th Pune International Film Festival 

  • Official Selection for 11th 3rd Asian Eye Film Festival