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19th edition of the Tasveer Film Festival, now called the Tasveer Film Festival & Market (TFF&M’24), is taking place Oct. 15-20th, 2024 in Seattle, WA.

Tasveer announces the launch and partner sponsors for its inaugural film market, taking place during the 19th edition of the Tasveer Film Festival.  The Tasveer Film Festival & Market (TFF&M’24) will be taking place Oct. 15-20th, 2024 in Seattle, WA. The Tasveer Film Festival is the first and only South Asian film festival whose winning films are eligible for the Academy Awards. In 2023, the Tasveer Film Festival became the first and only South Asian film festival whose winning films are eligible for the Oscars®. The Tasveer Film Market is the first market, launched outside of South Asia, that facilitates diasporic representation and filmmaking on a global level. In the past, Tasveer and Netflix’s combined funding has been able to provide grants to filmmakers totaling more than $150K. This never-been done before the unprecedented event will be game-changing and draw headlines for the entire film community.

With the theme of connecting creatives and creating opportunities, TFF&M’24 will feature a Co-Production Market, a producer’s lab, industry panels and a work-in-progress lab. The Co-Production Market will invite director/producer teams to pitch long-form and short-form projects, both scripted and unscripted, to financiers, investors, and studio executives. Featured verticals will include a Feature, Shorts & TV Series track with specific provisions for Narrative, Documentary & LGBTQIA+ projects.

The market will cater to filmmakers, producers, distributors, financiers, sales agents, legal, talent managers, festival directors, and those looking to collaborate in the U.S. market and invest in projects from the diasporic community. This market will serve as a commerce hub for a wide range of buyers and sellers offering business opportunities for South Asian diaspora projects from Asia, the UK, South Africa, Australia, and other countries that have potential for commercial viability in the U.S. Other components will include a Work-in-Progress Lab and a Producers Mentor Lab. Selected filmmakers and editors will be invited to showcase rough cuts to industry executives and will receive strategic feedback and investment opportunities. Over three days of masterclasses, panels, mentoring sessions, and networking events, TFF&M’24 will facilitate informal conversations to help build industry connections and collaborations.

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