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Yoni ki Baat is going virtual! Tasveer is bringing events to your home, to engage the community during the Covid-19 pandemic. Join us for virtual Yoni ki Baat performances on April 25, 2020. Sign up here before April 22, 2020 6:00 PM PDT to watch the performances live.

A benefit for API Chaya: All funds raised from this event will be donated to API Chaya for its virtual gala on April 25th, to help API Chaya continue empowering survivors of gender-based violence and human trafficking to gain safety, connection, and wellness.

Register here before April 22, 2020 6:00 PM PDT to receive the private viewing link.

Please visit this page for the YKB2020 participants bios.

How to watch:

– Register here.

– You will receive the live streaming link in your registered email.

– On April 25th, go to the link and view the stream.

– You can post your questions in the chat window of the stream.

– After the performances, a moderator will ask select questions to the participants.

Best practices:


– The content of this program is of a sensitive matter and we request you to treat it with the utmost respect.

– The participants have worked very hard to share their personal journeys, so please respect their story and privacy.

– Set up a reminder on your calendar.

– Go to the stream 10 minutes before schedule to give yourself time to settle down.

– Find a quiet place, with the least distractions. The content is sensitive in nature and for mature audiences only.

– The best way to watch this would be on a computer. You can also use your phone but it might reduce the quality of the viewing.

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