Seattle University, March 23rd 24th, 2pm- 5pm

Join us for an interactive multimedia program, featuring film, performance and visual art, and readings. Highlights will include:


Directed by Jasleen Kaur | 47 mins | Canada | 2017 | Reserve your FREE tickets


This documentary tells the story of Maple Batalia, a 19-year-old health sciences student, aspiring actress and model, who was gunned down in a university parking lot in 2011. Her passion for life was unparalleled, and she had an impact on everyone she encountered during her short life. Winner of the 2017 TSAFF

Hug Me!
Performance Art by Sukeshi Sondhi


Sukeshi Sondhi’s recent installations and performance works reflect on issues of nostalgia, transience, displacement, and their influence on the female identity. Her artistic process engages in multiplicity, ritual and repetition while employing domestic objects to evoke the invisible presence of the marginalized female.

Hug Me! is a continuously evolving interactive performance work. The performance involves the artist interacting with domestic objects as well as the audience. The iron ore objects have been collected through the artists’ on going association with a lohar (black smith) family in New Delhi.

Hug Me! was performed in January 2017 at the artist’ solo exhibition Angels in the Room, hosted and curated by the India Heritage Center, a heritage museum in Singapore as a satellite show during the Singapore Biennale.

Sukeshi moved to Boston from Singapore a year ago as a visiting artist and scholar at the Women’s Studies Research Center, Brandeis University. She explored her experience and sense of place by engaging with the community through a variation of the Hug Me! performed in March 2017 at a symposium, A Women’s Sense of Place, held at the Women’s Studies Research Center.

The Story of You and I

You don’t have to be a storyteller to tell the most important story of all—yours. Just bring along an object that is close to your heart. All we ask is that it is culturally and personally significant to you. Talk about it for a couple of minutes. Share a slice of your thoughts and life with and engaged audience for another couple of minutes. Share their lives. Open that old cupboard. Open your heart And share.

This Program would be led by Richa Dubey:


Richa Dubey is a social impact consultant with a background in communication, content and marketing across multiple industries and sectors. She has a deep interest in community development, handlooms, and Sufism.

Passionate about social justice and women’s safety, Richa conceived and implemented the 2012 Gurgaon Girlcott, a campaign for positive and affirmative action towards a safer Gurgaon for women. The primary aim was to encourage women not to indulge in expenditures like shopping or eating out that benefit the private sector in Gurgaon. The goal was to put the onus on private merchandisers and mall-owners—a community that can influence the city’s administration—in order to raise the issue of women’s security.

She moved to Seattle from Gurgaon, India, with her family two years ago.