Northwest Film Forum, October 6th, 11am

Her.Him.The Other.


114 mins || Tamil || Sri Lanka || 2018

Her. Him. The Other. is three short films in one. ‘Her’ directed by Prasanna Vithanage, based on a true story is about a pro-LTTE videographer, Kesa, who travels from the North in search of ‘Her,’ the woman in the photograph which Kesa finds in a wallet of a soldier from the South. It’s a story about coming to terms with his own conscience. Vimukthi Jayasundara’s ‘Him’ is about a Sinhala teacher, who, while professing Buddhism tries to deceive his own conscience by refusing to believe the re-birth of a Tamil militant into a Sinhala family. It is a film about identity. ‘The Other’ by Asoka Handagama is about a Tamil mother who comes to Colombo in search of his missing son, an LTTE cadre. She finds a Sinhala solder whom she considers her lost son.(courtesy Sajitha Prematunge, The Island)