ISAFF 2004 – Trikone NW

Broadway Performance Hall, Sunday, Sept. 19, 2004, at 5 p.m.


Directed By: Nish Saran
Origin: USA, 1999
Description: English, digital video, 41 minutes

A gay Indian filmmaker travels across America with his family visiting from India, and struggles to come out to them. In addition to this dilemma, he tested himself for HIV before leaving for the trip with his relatives and will not receive the results until they all get back, which complicates the narrative. The filmmaker explores the dynamics of secrecy and love that marks this very close family. Pushing the limits of personal documentary, every achingly intimate moment—including coming out to his mother—is caught on tape.

(Playing with)

Directed By: Farah Nousheen
Origin: Seattle, USA, 2004
Description: English, digital video, 3 minutes

A short video of footage from Trikone NW’s first pride parade this year on June, 27th.

Directed By: Sonali
Origin: USA, 2002
Description: English, digital video, 6 minutes

An experimental narrative of a South Asian woman who struggles to come out to her family in India. This short film weaves issues of sexuality, displacement, nostalgia, and diaspora through poetry, music, and moving image.

This forum (and screenings) will be an introduction to Trikone NW, a social, support, and educational group founded in 1995 for the queer South Asian community.  Following the screening, some Trikone members will speak about the issues of being queer and South Asian in the NW. Panel will be moderated by queer filmmaker Hima B from New York.

Trikone NW members scheduled on the panel:

Anil Vora is a playwright and Trikone-NW board member.

Chandan Reddy is an assistant professor of queer and Asian diasporic studies at the University of Washington, an affiliate faculty member of the South Asia Studies Program, and a board member of Trikone-NW..

Dipika Nath is currently a doctoral student in women’s studies at the University of Washington; Dipika has worked extensively with several lesbian and gay organizations in India.

Harnik Gulati is currently doing his masters in social work at the University of Washington and also provides HIV prevention services to gay men of color in King County.

Mala Nagarajan, co-founder and board member of Trikone-NW, has been involved in organizing the SA-PFLAG and SA-QSSN (Queer & Straight Spouse Network) listservs, as well as moderating the Khush-list and SA-Grrls. She is also a plaintiff in the marriage equality lawsuit against King County, Washington.

Vega Subramaniam is a co-founder and board member of Trikone-NW. Along with her partner Mala Nagarajan, she is one of the plaintiffs in the marriage equality lawsuit against King County, Washington.

Sunday, Sept. 19, 2004, at 5 p.m.