Broadway Performance Hall, Friday, Sept. 16, 2005, at 9:30 p.m.


Film: White Noise
Directed By: Vinta Nanda
Origin: India, 2004
Description: English w/ some Hindi, 102 minutes

Fiery and sexy Gauri (Koel Purie, Everybody Says I’m Fine) is a TV soap writer reduced to drowning herself in alcohol after being dumped from an affair with a married producer. Karan (Rahul Bose, Mr. & Mrs. Iyer), the new TV editor for Gauri’s soap, arrives in Mumbai and becomes a solace with his endearing friendship and heartwarming pursuance of her. Set in suburban Mumbai, White Noise is a comment on modern love, marriage, family and Mumbai, itself- the city of dreams, where expression and talent are often replaced by ego and judgment.

Leading TV director-producer and documentary filmmaker, Vinta Nanda, makes her first English language feature film in a setting she knows well – the bloodthirsty world of Bombay production houses churning out heady soap operas.

(preceded by short films)

India Spiceland


Film: India Spiceland
Directed By: Rahul Das
Origin: India, 2005
Description: English w/ some Hindi, 12 minutes.

In an Indian grocery store, Maneesh tries sharing his nostalgia with his girlfriend, Tiffany, but finds her incapable of fully relating to him. Then, in walks the storeowner’s daughter, Savitri, the ideal Indian beauty.

Paint Me Nude


Film: Paint Me Nude
Directed By: Manan Katohora
Origin: India, 2005
Description: English, 28 minutes

Devy is plagued with Tourette Syndrome. Posing nude for a local art studio is a freeing experience that allows her to control her tick. Or does it? Purva Bedi stars as the philosophical art teacher.

Friday, Sept. 16, 2005, at 9:30 p.m.