ISAFF 2008 – Donkey in Lahore


(Faramarz K-Rahber, 2007, Australia,Pakistan, Urdu/English, 117 minutes)

Donkey in Lahore is an observational documentary that follows the quixotic courtship of Brian, an ex-goth puppeteer from Australia, and Amber, the traditional Muslim girl he met and fell in love with during a short trip to Pakistan in 2000. Upon his return to Australia, Brian decides to convert to Islam and return to Pakistan to seek her hand in marriage. Can this unlikely couple survive the challenges they are about to face?

Director’s Bio

‘DONKEY IN LAHORE’ is Faramarz’s second Australian feature documentary, having won numerous awards for his debut film ‘Fahimeh’s Story’ (2004). Born 1968 in Tehran, Iran, Faramarz is an award-winning graduate from Griffith University (Queensland College of Art) in Australia. He has worked across many roles in the Australian documentary industry in the last 7 years. His focus on directing, mixed with a strong background in cinematography, has helped shape his insightful, observational style of filmmaking. His specialist cross-cultural knowledge allows him to shape films of religious, cultural and social sensitivity. Faramarz’s films reflect the fundamental essence of humanity through intimate observation whilst avoiding controversy or inflaming contentious issues.

Sunday, Sept. 28, 2008, 4:30 PM