4th Independent South Asian Film Festival

In our 4th year of ISAFF, Tasveer reaffirms its commitment to strengthening community roots with initiatives for South Asians in Seattle and throughout the South Asian diaspora. Join us as we look at the present state of women’s rights in Afghanistan, interfaith dialogue in Pakistan, a hijra of India celebrating her life, a bioscopewallah’s sojourn in India, a man’s solitary journey to a remote Tibet summit, and many other thought-provoking and inspiring stories.


Wednesday, Oct 3rd, 2007

7:00 pm Opening Night: Voices of Kutch

Thursday, Oct 4th, 2007

7:00 pm Anuranan | Manoj

9:00 pm Dollhouse

Friday, Oct 5th, 2007

7:00 pm Kamli, My Daughter | Bare

9:00 pm Riding Solo to the Top of the World | Bioscopewallah

Saturday, Oct 6th, 2007

2:00 pm View from a Grain of Sand

4:00 pm The Widow Colony | Talking Faith

5: 00pm 6 Yards to Democracy

6: 00 pm There was a Queen

7:00 pm Yours Emotionally | Call It Slut

Sunday, Oct 7th, 2007

11:00 am South Asian Documentary Workshop

2:00 pm Global Shorts: Love, Dreams, and Despair

4:00 pm The Shape of Water | Kali Ma

7:00 pm Closing Night: 10 Questions for The Dalai Lama | Monsoon