Screening Room(CC3),Cascadia Comunity College, Bothell, Sat, Nov 1st, 4:00pm



The film focuses on the plight of cows, who are increasingly becoming unwitting victims of the ubiquitous plasticbags, which we use and carelessly discard every day. The film is a part of an animal rights case that prompted the Supreme Court of India to liken plastic bags to atom bombs in May 2012


Directors: Kunal Vohra

I’m an independent filmmaker and my experience in the field of film and television production includes documentaries, social awareness television spots, corporate and training films and commercials. The bulk of my films have been about issues like animal rights, the environment, climate change, trafficking, AIDS, substance abuse, tobacco, diabetes, paediatric cancer, reconstructive surgery and e-waste, etc.


  • The Konark Film Festival, 2012;
  • The 6th International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala, 2013;
  • The tiNai Eco Film Festival, 2014