Seattle Asian Art Museum, Seattle – Sunday, April 22nd – 11:00 AM

South Asian Professional Women Network (SAPWN)

Tasveer is hosting the first gathering for the networking group of South Asian professional women who are either entrepreneurs, career professionals, or want to network with other women, to get inspiration from one another and meet other successful women in our community.

Our mission is to create a networking space for South Asian professional women.


  1. To create a database of South Asian women entrepreneurs, professionals, and others who are interested in being part of this group;
  2. To showcase inspiring speakers from our community;
  3. To provide resources to one another; and
  4. To create a referral network for one another, if needed.

Our group is a circle of women who have chosen their respective fields of work and are passionate to achieve their goals. The aim of this group is to be a source of referrals for one another and a bounty of information and support.

Who: Anyone can join, but the group content is targeted for South Asian women.

To take part in this networking event, simply join the Google group by clicking the link on the right.