Friday, Oct 30, 5 PM: Son Rise – Documentary


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“Son Rise” Vibha Bakshi, 50min, India, English/Hindi, 2019

SON RISE is filmed in the strongly patriarchal state of Haryana, bordering India’s capital, New Delhi. Illegal, yet rampant female foeticide has led to the eerie absence of girls in hundreds of villages.  This skewed sex-ratio has provoked an unprecedented number of crimes against women. Yet, it  is is from these unlikeliest corners, the filmmaker finds ordinary men who are doing the ‘extraordinary’ to break the shackles of patriarchy and challenge the age old tradition of male dominance. And perhaps, for the first time in their lives, are realising their greatest fight is with other men, whom they will have to combat at every step of the way.
From a forward thinking village chief fighting for women to enter the male-dominated arena of local politics – to a farmer who, in an arranged marriage, defies society by marrying a gang rape survivor. Can these glimmers of a changing paradigm in SON RISE be the rays of hope we have been looking for? Trailer

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Vibha Bakshi is a a former business reporter for CNBC and founding team member for CNBC (India). She has an Honorary Doctorate from Boston University. Vibha is the recipient of four National Film Awards, the highest recognition in Indian cinema given by the President of India, which includes the Swaran Kamal Gold (66th National Film Awards ) for BEST FILM for documentary ‘SON RISE’. The film also won Best Editing (non-feature).

Vibha has also won two National Film Awards as director and producer for her previous film, ‘Daughters of Mother India,’ – BEST FILM on Social Issues. The National jury applauded the film for “determinedly and explicitly putting the spotlight on the burning issue of rape and gender violence in the country.” ‘Daughters of Mother India’ holds the distinction of being THE MOST AWARDED SOCIAL CAMPAIGN IN THE WORLD – Creative Index 2017

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Moderated by Nina Davuluri: Activist & Ms. America (2014)

Nina Davuluri is an acclaimed activist, filmmaker, actor, & entrepreneur. She first gained international recognition by becoming the first Indian American and South Asian to become Miss America 2014. Her most recent venture combines the network she has cultivated, her love for advocacy, and disrupting global beauty standards by producing her new documentary, #COMPLEXion. Raised in a culture sensitive to skin tones, Nina was hyper-aware of the skin lightening industry and how it dramatically influences beauty standards. Through advocating for diversity and encouraging others to embrace their identity, she knew it was important to create a platform where people can share experiences on colorism around the world