SIFF Cinema Upstairs – Sunday, October 6th – 1:00 PM Free

Standing Out: Challenges of Living as a Visible Minority in the US

Film Screenings:

‘The Muslims I know’ (selected clips, 20 min) by Mara Ahmed‘Remembering the Oak Creek Tragedy’ (9 min) by Valarie Kaur

Community Discussion:

‘The Muslims I know’ and ‘Remembering the Oak Creek Tragedy’ highlight the struggles of two American communities to overcome challenges posed by the perceived fear and misdirected hate toward them that has become commonplace after September 11th, 2001. This past August was the one year anniversary of a shooting inside a Sikh gurdwara that resulted in the loss of 6 lives in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

As we strive to provide safety for our citizens by increasing screenings of high-risk groups, we may inadvertently violate the civil liberties of citizen who fit particular ‘profiles.’ Muslims, Sikhs, and other visible minorities endure the consequences of this struggle on a daily basis. Please join us in a community discussion to reflect upon the challenges of living as visible minorities in the US—Standing Out.