Tasveer Open Mic

Comedy Night

Thinking about trying stand up comedy? Looking to practice a set? Or just want to make a bunch of folks laugh out loud? Tasveer invites you to showcase your talent in-person at the Tasveer Open Mic: Comedy Night!

Who: If you identify as South Asian or have South Asian content
When: Thursday, April 13th at 7pm PST
Where: Here- After, Alley Entrance, 2505 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121
Deadline to Apply: March 31st

Disclaimer: Not everyone signing up will get a chance to perform. We will curate the participant lineup to keep the show about an hour long. We will notify you on April 1st of your selection.

For questions or queries contact: Ishita Saran- ishita@tasveer.org

Tasveer Open Mic- Comedy Night

Here-After Alley Entrance, 2505 1st Ave, Seattle, WA

TASVEER OPEN MIC- COMEDY NIGHT Discover your tickle spots, rattle your funny bone at Tasveer’s Open Mic: Comedy Night. An hour long show filled with a few chuckles, many guffaws and some LMAOs.  Date: Thursday,