SIFF Film Centre, September 30th, 4pm

Temporary Peace


A middle class family in Afghanistan struggles with upholding familial connections. They try to live a normal life in a situation where everything is turned against them. Then their child stops talking.


8 mins || Persian || Afghanistan || 2017

Director: Yasser Bayani

He is an award winning Afghanistani photographer and filmmaker who has spent 4+ years working as a freelance photographer, documentary/short film director, and producer for several companies and organizations, including USAID, GIZ, WFP, UNICEF, FKH Media, Kapila and Multimedia House. He has also worked as crew in several independent short fiction movies as assistant director and director of photography.

A Letter To The President


Soraya is a public official struggling to enforce the law in Afghanistan today. When she decides to save a young woman accused of adultery from the justice of a clan, things spiral for the worse to the point that she’s arrested and put on death row. Asking for justice, she writes to the president, the last person who can save her. But will he listen to her plea?


80 mins || Persian || Afghanistan || 2017

Director: Roya Sadat

she is an award-winning Afghan director a who successfully brought important, touching stories to international festivals after the fall of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. She graduated from the University of Herat, Law and Politics. In 2006, she was awarded a scholarship to study at the Asian Film Academy in South Korea.

At the age of 20, she directed her first documentary THREE DOTS, which won international awards and which she wrote during the Taliban rule.

She is also active in TV production in Afghanistan. From 2007-2008, she directed 50 episodes of the first Afghan TV series “The Secrets of This House” and later three seasons of the most famous Afghan TV drama Beahesht Khamosh, which in 2013 won the Rumi Award for Best TV Drama and Writing.

A Letter to the President is her first feature film.