Seattle Art Museum, January 19, Sat, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM PST



Join us for a book reading, Q&A, and workshop on film adaptation in the US

In this session, author Sohrab Homi Fracis will read from his novel Go Home (2018) and answer audience questions. He will also engage with filmmaker Allan Marcil to illustrate with readings how specific scenes in the novel Go Home were translated into screenplay/script form. They will provide an overview of basic screenplay design – the structure of the screenplay: Set Up; Confrontation; Resolution. They will explore how they took the essential elements of the source novel – character, conflict, premise, genre, setting – and constructed a cinematic story, a screenplay, which is, in the words of screenwriting guru Syd Field, “…a story told with pictures, in dialogue and description and placed within the context of dramatic structure.”

Moderator: Laila Kazmi is a Northwest Emmy Award-winning producer and filmmaker. Her stories have aired on PBS television stations in Seattle, San Diego, and streamed on PBS NewsHour. Her articles have been published on PBS NewsHour online, ColorLines, The Seattle Times, and Pakistan’s daily Dawn. She launched and produced the digital series ‘Borders & Heritage‘ and curated the independent film series ‘REEL NW‘ at KCTS 9 in Seattle.