Seattle Art Museum, April 13, 12:00 pm–2:00 pm

Tasveer Youth Collective invites youth (12-18) to participate in an Intro to Improv workshop. Discover the basic vocabulary and techniques behind the art of improv through scenes, games and exercises in a fun, supportive environment. We cap this workshop at 12 participants.

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The workshop is taught by:


Archana : Archana is from Mumbai, India and moved to Seattle in Summer of 2016. She was introduced to the world of improv soon after and have been hooked ever since! She love getting to play around with different creative outlets and using improv as a way to meet new people from different experiences with exciting stories to tell.


Siddhant Sharma:   Siddhant(Sid) Sharma found improv when he moved to Seattle in 2016. After taking classes with Unexpected Productions, Siddhant has been performing at improv shows all around the Seattle area for the past 3 years. You may have seen him in the Seattle International Festival of Improv 2018, Jet City Improv’s productions The Monster Hunters and Yes Anderson, and performing musical improv with his troupe Yesterday’s Cake. Outside of improv, Siddhant also enjoys playing and making music and using the amalgam of his Indian identity and American experiences to make art!