Northwest Film Forum, Sept 29th, Sunday, 11am

Film: Vellai Pookal


Vellai Pookal is a thriller based on the story of a retired Indian cop who travels to the USA to meet his son and fatefully finds himself caught in a web of disappearance, death, and deceit. Follow Rudhran through his experiences in the Pacific Northwest and you will smile, laugh heartily, gasp with fear and be chilled with thrills as he unravels the mystery of the kidnappings in his neighborhood.

Dir. Vivek Elangovan and Cinematographer Jerry Peters will be in attendance.


Vivek Elangovan | 122min | 2019 | India,USA

Filmmaker: Vivek Elangovan

Vivek Elangovan is a software engineer by profession currently working for Microsoft, and a theatre veteran, a film director and writer by passion. He has been in the directorial team for many of the Indus theatre/film productions. His shorts Odam and Navam won numerous accolades around the world.