Seattle Asian Art Museum, Seattle – Saturday, May 11th – 10:00 AM

What’s Your Story?

A Creativity Workshop special offered by Flying Chickadee, facilitated by Shahana Dattagupta – author, creativity coach, and co-editor of Courageous Creativity. Everyone has a story! And we’re always telling stories, whether we’re interacting with others or wrestling with the voices in our heads.

Creative writing based in personal narrative reveals your unique story. Your story is powerful because it represents who you are today, provides the basis for agency in the world, and touches, moves and inspires others. A higher (and rarely leveraged) opportunity in such writing is the opportunity to consciously change this story, once it has been revealed! Deeper, truer power lies in transcending the past story so that a new one can be written in the present – at every turn – to create new futures! As Michelangelo said, the sculptor’s job is to keep chipping away the excess stone so that the sculpture already existing within the rock can be revealed. You are that sculpture, and you are also the sculptor!

In this special workshop offered at Aaina, get a taste* of (re)creating yourself! Learn how storytelling based in the past profoundly affects our beliefs about ourselves, and how these beliefs create our present circumstances. Learn how to move from unconsciously using fear to create “what we don’t want” to consciously using love to create “what we do want.” Learn how to create a blank slate so that possibilities become unlimited. And learn how to choose a new story from among all possibilities, based on vision and purpose.

Come create a new story!


The Creativity Workshop will be held on Saturday, May 11, from 10am-2pm, at the SAAM Board Room. Participation is open to all, including men and non-South Asians. Cost of attendance is $111/ person.  Maximum participation is 25, so do hurry! Lunch will be available for purchase on site as part of Aaina. For any questions, email

* This workshop introduces the creative principles practiced through real projects and iterative exercises in the full 6-week Creativity Workshop series offered by Flying Chickadee. For more details on the full workshop series, please visit this link.