Seattle Asian Art Museum, Seattle – Sunday, May 12th – 1:00 PM

Youth Voices 2013

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Are you South Asian? Between the ages of 12-18? We so Want to hear you tell us about……..LOVE!

Ah yes, that little four lettered word that is as complex as it is simple! Love is so central to all our lives, and everyone relates to it. Tell us about the positive ancl/ or the negative aspects of the people, experiences and things you love. Sharing your experiences is a wonderful way to learn, teach, and grow. It reminds us all of the things that make us unique….and the things that we all have in common.

Join us on May 12th 2013 at the Seattle Asian Art Museum for an afternoon of Youth

Voices… your Voices! You can perform, sing, dance, read, recite, or show a video. You can use any media you like to share with your community the things you love! If you wish to keep your presentation confidential we can help with that also. We will have workshop for all interested participants on April 21st at 2.30 PM 4.30 PM at a location TBD. This workshop is required for all participants. During this workshop you’ll have a chance to brainstorm ideas and get help turning those ideas into something you can share at Youth Voices.

Please RSVP for the workshop by emailing Namisha at ( and Bipasha at (thebipasha@gmaí by April 18th. If you don’t fit in this age range and still want to take part, feel free to Contact us anyways!!!