Zeal For Unity

Carco Theater, Renton – Saturday, October 22nd – 6:00 PM

In lieu of current events, there is no better time than now to start the conversation between India and Pakistan. We believe art and film can bridge this gap. Zee Cinema has started an initiative – Zeal for Unity – to do just that! We’ll be screening one film from India and one from Pakistan, followed by a provocative panel discussion with filmmakers and those who know the industry up close and personal.

Silvat, Tanuja Chandra, 2016, Hindi / Urdu, 47 min

A young girl Noor, whose husband works in the Middle East and has not visited her for long time and in between waiting for her husband, Noor falls for someone else.

Jeevan Hathi, Meenu Gaur and Farjad Nabi, 2016, Urdu, 55 min

A satire and black comedy on the world of media and its manufactured reality with absolutely no bearing on anything except ratings. Thriving on daily controversy and sensationalism, this film follows a symbolic tale of how the media generates and creates conflict in society.


Harune Massey (Filmmaker, Gardaab)
Shaunak Sen (Filmmaker, Cities of Sleep)
Alka Kurian (Professor of Film Studies, University of Washington Bothell)


Smeeta Hirani
Rajiv Kommineni