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Pride & Solidarity- All The Things We Don’t Talk About!

Pride Month 2020, much like its preceding months this year, started off with a lot of reckoning, uncertainties, and also hope. With a lot of our internal conversations revolving around intersectionality, anti-racism, and gratitude for the huge part played by the Black LGBT community in the rights we have today, we’d like to start and continue this dialogue at Tasveer, in partnership with Trikone NW.

That is why we believe it is important for us to address some of the most burning questions first. Some of our discussion points include, but are not limited to:

  • Pride is about why we are here and how we got here

  • What are we celebrating, what do we need to acknowledge, and what more can we do to be better allies?

  • How are the Black and South Asian Queer communities related?

  • How do we acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of Black Folx to the LGBT community?

  • Starting an effective, inclusive community dialogue with focus on the doubly oppressed.

  • Introspection, call for action, and next steps as a community towards inclusion, anti-racism, intersectionality, and more.

This panel is brought to you by Tasveer in partnership with Trikone Northwest. Tasveer is a South Asian social justice non-profit arts organization, with the mission to inspire social change through films, arts, and storytelling. Trikone Northwest is a vibrant, diverse group of individuals creating a social, supportive, educational, and political space for LGBTQ and differently-oriented South Asians and their family, friends, allies, and community.

Note: You will NOT receive a link for this event. This panel will be live-streamed on the Tasveer Facebook page for you to view for free on June 25th at 6 PM PDT.

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