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TSAFF 2019- Film Day Symposium

Day 2- Deep Dive Into Making Short Films

Join some of our visiting filmmakers who have short films playing at the festival, as they pull the veil on everything that goes into making a short film. The filmmakers will discuss why they chose to tell their stories in this format, how they raised funding, and what they hope to accomplish by making short form content. Each filmmaker will also present a scene from their film and dissect what went into executing it – the uphill battles of pulling it off, and the creative solutions they used. This discussion and workshop will present an honest look into what it truly takes to make a short film, including delving into subjects of what things might cost, and perhaps most importantly, how to sustain oneself as a filmmaker while making your passion project. Moderated by Pulkit Datta.

Film Day consists of panels and information curated for budding filmmakers and storytellers. What do you need to have in place in order to make your movie? How much can you prepare on your own as a filmmaker? Who do you need on your team? Come join us for this panel of creatives and curators to find out what it takes to have your work seen! Panelists include local and visiting directors, producers and programmers who’ll speak of their experiences and expertise.

The Film Day Symposium is funded by Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.

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