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Pride Month Special- Tasveer Reels: The Lonely Prince

This Pride month, join us for an exclusive screening of The Lonely Prince followed by a live Q&A session with the filmmakers Shivin and Sunny.

Date: Friday, June 10th

Time: 5:00pm-6:30 pm PST

Inspired by the lack of Queer representation in traditional Indian settings, Shivin and Sunny decided to go back to their roots and create a new tale with a queer leading character.The Lonely Prince is inspired by classic fairy tails, but with one twist- its the Prince that needs saving this time. The film is built around this idea of self-acceptance, which the Prince has struggled with his entire adult life.

Directors Shivin and Sunny grew up in a time where homosexuality was not accepted, even in their household. Not having any mainstream representation of their struggles on-screen only made their fear of acceptance greater. That is why the two created this story in the form of a folk tale with a hope for it to be sent down from generation to generation.

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