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Tasveer Reels: Female Gaze Shorts

Celebrate Women’s History Month with Tasveer’s pick of powerful and impactful female focused short films.

This collection of bold feminist films is an exploration of burgeoning womanhood that spans milestone moments and pivotal life lessons, from sexual awakening, to motherhood, to independence. These five short stories explore desire, consent, and autonomy, as each of the female protagonists take ownership of their lives. Featuring relatable and thoughtful storytelling that builds to deliver a cathartic sense of empowerment.

How To Be A Person: How To Get An Abortion
6 min. Director: Sindha Agha

After booty calling Jawad from Sunday school, Sanam’s found herself pregnant with no one reliable to accompany her as her “abortion plus one.” Above all, she needs to keep her abortion a secret from her Pakistani dad because she knows exactly how he’d react…or does she?

First Night
21 min. Director: Darshika Karunahara

Two Danish-Tamil sisters are driven by their sexual curiosity, determined to experience their first time – the same night. Devi has just been arranged married and now is her wedding night. Meanwhile Abarna spends the night with a secret fling. First Night depicts two women trying to tackle the sexual oppression of their culture. One has waited all her life till this exact night and the other can’t wait any longer.

Nana Ki Dum
21 min. Director: Jacob McSharma

A new mother navigates the contentious line between being a parent and a daughter of a traditional Indian father. How does one honor their past while trying to create a new future?

30 min. Director: Sakshi Gurnani

When Naina’s male friend violates her boundaries, she’s left to grapple with whether or not what happened was in the ‘gray’ areas. Working with a therapist, Naina takes a journey between past and present, to define for herself the meaning of consent.

14 min. Director: Prakshi Malik

A mother mourns when her teenage daughter is accepted into boarding school.

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